Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2023

‘Tis the season to be spooky, glamorous, or unforgettable. Halloween is the perfect time to unleash your artistic creativity and bewitch others with your beauty.

We’ve invited four friends of MAKE UP FOR EVER to demonstrate a few easy Halloween makeup looks that you can follow, no matter your skill level.

Go for drama and depth

Channel your inner enchantress and whip out those deep eyeshadow shades. Dark, intense eyeshadow colors will help your eyes appear larger than they are and bring out the intensity of your gaze.

Kicki (@kickiyangz on Instagram) with captivating starry eyes and bewitching hands

Our friend Kicki starts off applying our iconic HD Skin Foundation for a flawless canvas to emphasize the contrast with her eyeshadow shade.

After generously blending in eyeshadow, she opts for a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip, ideal for achieving bold and artistic looks that stay smudge-free and crisp – in this case, she chooses the Aqua Resist Graphic Pen. If you prefer a sharper, ultra-precise tip, our Aqua Resist Color Ink is a great alternative.

The end result is an artistic, unique look that is both enchanting and memorable.

Dustin (@dustinhanke on Instagram) with a deep, dramatic gaze

We invited Dustin to take a different spin on the dark, mysterious Halloween aura.

He intensifies his gaze with deep eyeshadow colors, contrasting with a brilliant blue to draw attention to his inner eye corner. He chooses the Artist Color Shadow, a highly pigmented eyeshadow that comes in a wide range of blendable shades. Anyone who gazes into these eyes won’t be able to look away!

Pro tip: Add dimension to your face shape by highlighting, contouring, and adding blush. We recommend our Artist Face Powders series, our effortlessly blendable and long-lasting face powders come in a range of shades to suit any skin tone.

Go for allure and mystique

Who can resist Halloween’s call to doll up? Seductive vampires – it’s your time to shine. Cast your eyes towards this dreamy gaze to find your makeup inspiration:

Antoinette (@esantoinette on Instagram) with an enchanting, mystical look

Whether you’re going for a ghostly complexion or a glamorous look, a lightweight and breathable foundation will help your Halloween transformation stay comfortable and last all night.

Our friend Antoinette starts by using our HD Skin All-in-one Palette for buildable, blendable coverage before going in generously with pink eyeshadow. She adds a little personal flair with the red streaks to highlight the energy in her gaze.

We especially love how this princess-pink look is made extra ethereal with our ultrafine, sparkly eyeshadow Star Lit Diamond Powder.

Pro tip: Outline your lips with a lip liner for a sharper cupid’s bow. Alternatively, you can also use our popular Rouge Artist For Ever Matte with its uniquely shaped applicator to draw sharp lip outlines.

Go subtle and sophisticated

Halloween makeup styles don’t have to be all otherworldly and attention-grabbing

It can be an elegant and memorable look that simply draws the focus to your eyes. Check out this smoky, wispy look that effortlessly draws you in:

Marika (@leitalienne on Instagram): For what is more alluring than the eyes?

This look opts for lighter coverage that starts with a hydrating foundation and a lightweight concealer – we recommend the newly-launched HD Skin Concealer with its ultra-thin formula.

Here, our friend Marika extends the eyeliner wings with a combination of sweat-proof eyeliner and a versatile, ultra-blendable brow, eye, and lip liner – the cult-favorite Artist Color Pencil. The eyeliner ensures your artistry stays on all day, while the pencil intensifies the energy you’re channeling through this Halloween eye makeup look.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to end strong with a setting spray to seal in your look.

Check out the full list of products used to create each look, in order of application: